How I help you get unstuck

About Me

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re tired of the feeling of being sick and tired of life.

I know change can be scary, annoying, depressing, confusing and can even bring up Anger. 

My name is Damian, and just like you, I would fight and refuse to accept that I needed any kind of change in my life. I keep trying over and over to find fun ways about how my craziness used to work for me. It wasn’t happening anymore, and I hated that feeling. 

After being in that pain for a long time I knew I was done. I couldn’t see the Gift of giving up the pain of what I knew to take the action of something that I didn’t know how to do. 

The Life I knew was manipulation, selfishness, pushing and shoving to  do and get what I wanted. The gifts of selflessness, compassion, happiness, and the pleasure of right action of being me and the harmony of life. 

Do you want to do what you love to do without pain or worry? Do you have a desire to live in peace, harmony and prosperity? Do you want to have a clear mind and consciousness that you can trust your thinking and be at ease and not fear your disease?

I know what it’s like to be on a binge for two or three days AND being in the feeling of, “I want to stop. I need to stop. I should stop. But, the problem was I could not stop. 

Can you relate? This is where I came from. And, in my experience you do not need to be stuck there. If you would like to be more conscious, be at ease and really live life, let me show you how. I’ll teach you how to go from self-doubt to confidence, powerlessness to empowerment, feeling confused to having clear consciousness. 

I’ll show you how to go from having a reacting mind to thriving in life. I’ll teach you how to avoid pushing and shoving to positively respond to events in your life. I teach you how to create peace in your life.

If you’re really tired of being sick and tired and you're willing to be open to living and giving. Put the bat down and let me show you what’s possible


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